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SWJ TECHNOLOGY provides engineering, planning, and project management services to assist various industries to streamline their processes, products, or services. We provide virtual planning and structural concepts, integration and optimization, specifications and quality engineering, validation and control plans, production readiness support as well as audit preparation, and tool control.

We also plan tools, jigs, equipment, robotics, conveyors as well as manual work steps and build times. We focus on KAIZEN and Lean Integration and our strength is to offer a plan for each part (PFEP), staging and rack planning, supply layouts, container, and packaging design, carrier concepts and route planning, KANBAN systems, and supply chain management.

We offer our employees great opportunities to learn and participate in worldwide projects and engage with specialists in various services and industries. We offer training & development of skills and expertise as well as competitive salaries and great benefits to become an employer of choice.
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Expertise from concept to reality

We continuously streamline processes using innovative methods and systems to provide economic value for our customers and best-in-class solutions.

We have a proven track record for completing projects on time and above quality expectations for over 10 years for all German OEMs and suppliers worldwide.

We foster a positive business culture and comply with all all state and federal regulations, and we had no complaints or administrative lawsuits. We certainly are up-to-date regarding all required licenses and permits.


Quality without compromise

SWJ TECHNOLOGY’s vision is to provide
quality without compromise.

We are EN-ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we aspire to be the go-to company for best-in-class solutions and rewarding careers.

SWJ TECHNOLOGY employs visual management and involves all parties in order to provide KPIs for all processes. Management attention closes the quality loop in each project, and a method of continuous feedback improves our services. A structured approach from value stream analyses to control plans and layered systems ensures repeatable success.


Great team produce great results

We believe that each project has to start with adequate information and the alignment of targets. To be the best fit for the job, team members need to be trained and well-selected from a worldwide network.

As an employer of choice, we offer competitive salaries, great benefits, bonus programs, training and development, as well as a great work environment.

Our motivation is not only to continuously improve and train ourselves, we also extend training and courses to our customers. We promise flexibility and integrity in responding to various demands and support requests.

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